hangin out at JFK airport for awhile woo then I’ll be in LA for the night woo woo


Do you ever catch yourself thinking rude things about someone or judging them and you’re like “hey stop that, that’s not nice don’t u do that”


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Cobra Snake Earrings // $59

I wanna travel everywhere now lemme at it

I wish I had a longer time to stay in Germany :(

German reggae??

also Germans really love their techno, lemme tell ya

experiencing some fine german tunes

I’m really happy. My depression hasn’t affected me at all during this trip and I’m really happy about it :D. I just feel happy and hopeful and great. Something about getting out of my life for a little bit has shown me that there’s so much more than what I’m used to and there’s so many possibilities in the world. Ah. Feelin good. I’m being all silly and happy crying right now ok bye. I hope you’re all having great days!!!



Analysis: So you can see that the cigarette packet’s brand says ‘Hare’ and this alludes to Van Houten’s explanation of Zeno’s paradox. What it symbolises is that both Hazel and Gus were running the race towards death. After Gus’ recurrence news, Hazel with her terminal cancer would probably be considered as the tortoise, and Gus, the hare. Although Gus did beat her in the race towards death, the distance to the finish never did shorten – since Hazel had terminal cancer. It only grew shorter. Gus’ death was inevitable. So Hazel wouldn’t be able to catch up to him but only decrease the distance between the day Gus died and the day she will die.




We had these amazing fruit juice mixed beers at an Ethiopian restaurant.